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Supporting policy makers in designing R&I policies

The main objective of the policy briefs and workshops prepared under this Framework Contract is to contribute evidence and intelligence on specific aspects of research and innovation policy, in support of the collective effort to achieve the broader objectives specified in the high-level strategy documents such as Europe 2020 and the Innovation Union. In a nutshell, the mission statement for the services to be provided is to support the formulation of effective and efficient research and innovation policy in Europe by facilitating the sharing of opinions, experiences and best practices in these domains.

The policy briefs and workshops shall enhance the understanding of drivers and barriers to research, knowledge transfer and innovation in Europe, and provide ideas and suggestions on adequate policy responses to the identified challenges or opportunities. The outcome of the activities is the formulation of innovative, evidence-based research and innovation policy in Europe, at European, member state and regional levels. “Evidence-based” means that the related insights are based on credible, rigorous research with proven socio-economic methods. The consortium applies and chooses from a thoroughly selected and defined set of empirical and analytical methods for conducting research and analysis.